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  1. Get Connected with Consolidated Communications, Over 8.5% YTM, Bonds Mature October 2022

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              This week, Durig Capital looks at a broadband services provider who has managed outstanding growth through acquisition. Consolidated Communications (CNSL) recently acquired FairPoint Communications – a move that effectively doubled the size of the Illinois-based broadband / communications company. Since the acquisition, the company has...
  2. Durig Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Bond Portfolio: 12-Month Recap

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    In this article we review the performance of Durig’s Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Portfolio to explore the relationship between overall performance and portfolio composition over a 1-year period.  Later in this article we provide a short review of all each bond we have recommended to our clients over the last...
  3. Warm up with 11% YTM with Ferrellgas, Bonds Mature June 2020

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            This week, Durig Capital takes another look at a company that provides essential heating to many rural households across the U.S. Durig Capital first reviewed Ferrellgas in September 2015 and again in September 2016,  May 2017 and most recently in August 2017. Jim Ferrell, the company’s...
  4. Drill into 25% YTM with Hornbeck Offshore, Bonds Mature April 2020

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              This week, Durig Capital reviews a provider of marine transportation services to the oil and gas, construction and military industries primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. Hornbeck Offshore Services has been building momentum over the past few quarters, posting consecutive, quarter-over-quarter increases in revenues. Its...
  5. Earn 8% YTM with Stonemor Partners, Bonds Mature June 2021

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            For this week’s bond review, Durig Capital looks at a company providing an essential service – one potentially needed by everyone at some point in life. Stonemor Partners is one of the largest providers of funeral and burial services in the United States. After completing an...
  6. Revlon, 15% Yield-to-Maturity, Maturing February 2021

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    This week, Durig Capital reviews an iconic cosmetic company that has made bold moves to improve its competitiveness. Revlon, founded in 1932, has been identified with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars over the years. In mid-2016, Revlon purchased luxury brand Elizabeth Arden. The addition of the Arden line has resulted...
  7. Up 13.05% per year over last three years – FX2 Update

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    Durig Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Portfolio Review: February 5th, 2018   With all the volatility seen in the equity markets this past week, some may be wondering how Durig’s FX2 portfolios have fared.  Well, we have a surprise for you..   The portfolio’s short average maturities and the low to...

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